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Medical Skin Care

Skin Conditioning
The feel of your skin is so important to how you feel about yourself and unfortunately can change with age. Through a unique system of skin conditioning products, Chipola MedSpa has helped many men and women improve the texture and look of their skin including those who have been avid sunbathers. We use a variety of high quality medical skin care products including ObagiĀ® skin care.

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels help remove the outermost layer of the skin cells that is often damaged from acne, sun damage, wrinkles or age. Uneven splotchy and roughness respond to the chemicals leaving the face smoother. The result is a fresh, glowing look. We use a variety of high quality safe peels. Type of the peel needed for our client’s individual needs is determined during the initial free consultation.

Our medical staff:

Dr. Krishna, MD

Dr. Krishna (Murali Krishna Maddipati) completed his residency training in Internal Medicine at The Jewish Hospital, affiliated with the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Also received training in Aesthetic Medicine and Obesity Medicine - both of which are important components of Chipola MedSpa.

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